film sound services

Film Sound Editorial

With over 75 years of combined experience, our sound designers and editors have a rich cinematic pedigree. And we can create a post-production sound package to fit any size project or any genre. Need us to handle it all from soup to nuts? No problem. Only looking for sound editorial? That’s fine too. As far as we’re concerned, no job is too big or too small and no film is too long or too short. We strongly believe that every story can be told better with great sound.

services adr foley mixing sound

ADR, Foley and Mixing

Whether or not you need us to arrange some or all of your studio needs, we will supervise your project’s sound from the first spotting session to the last deliverable. We can help with turnovers, scheduling, ADR, Foley, Temp Mixes, Test Screenings and Final Mixing. Location, convenience, budget, talent – there are a lot of variables in post production that factor into choosing a facility or facilities. We are completely independent which means we can go anywhere and work with with anyone.

commercial sound design services

Commercial Sound Design

When it comes to commercials we have a simple philosophy. Every moment is a chance to help tell a story and since there isn’t a whole lot of time, we’d better make those moments count. Any brand, any agency, any director, any story – we can nail it. It’s what we do. And we’ve been doing it for a while now. From boards to the final approval of your mix, we love to collaborate! And we believe it is never too early in the process to talk about sound.

So, whether it’s cars or computers, serious or silly, we understand you have a story to tell in about thirty seconds and that’s what is important.

sublime sound services internet content websites

Internet Content • Website Sound Design

We realize more and more content is being created exclusively for internet use and that content, while requiring a different approach, both technical and budgetary, still needs sound design and supervision. And we still want to do it. Let us show you the difference we can make to your web series, short or “video” of any kind. Seriously. Don’t underestimate the effect of sound when telling your story – positive or negative.

Got a website that looks great but you feel like it’s missing something? Maybe it is. Maybe it’s too silent. Maybe it wants to sing or sizzle. Whether you’re a website designer or a do-it-yourselfer, let us professionally “sonify” your site with sound effects designed just for you and your brand. From your home page to your menus to all your buttons, make a unique statement with custom soundscapes and mnemonics.